Equality Policy

Our mission statement for race equality

  • As an Initial Teacher Training provider, we are committed to the promotion of equality of opportunity for all, including people from different racial, ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. We consider that all manifestations of racism are wholly unacceptable and will act positively to eliminate racial discrimination where it occurs. We will take prompt, effective and systematic action to deal with all racist incidents and to identify and address racial, ethnic, cultural and religious inequalities.
  • We are also committed to promoting good relations between people of different racial, ethnic, cultural and religious groups. We will enable everyone to:
    • participate in a course that takes full account of the richness and variety of the world’s racial, ethnic, cultural and religious groups and develop understanding of some of the main causes of global inequality, disadvantage and poverty;
    • recognise and challenge racism, racial discrimination and stereotyping;
    • develop the knowledge and understanding, skills and attitudes necessary for life in Britain’s multi-ethnic society and as global citizens in an increasingly interdependent world.


  • Notwithstanding its significant contribution to the widening of educational opportunity, the Consortium acknowledges that as a community, it may reflect patterns of inequality that are widespread in society of large. It is therefore determined through programmes of legally acceptable positive action to increase the level of participation as trainees, staff and clients of those groups that are currently under-represented.
  • We believe that these commitments are as important in the context of a provider with limited ethnic diversity such as ours as in providers with a more ethnically diverse population.